Watercolor Background

watercolor backgroundsFree printable watercolor background. Click on “print” to print a full-sized background image.

Pink Background

Pink ombre background  
Pink Watercolor Background 

Purple Watercolor Background

Purple ombre background 
purple Watercolor Background 

Red Watercolor Background

Red Watercolor Background 

Green Watercolor Background

Teal Watercolor Background 
Yellow Watercolor Background 

Blue Watercolor Background

Blue Watercolor Background 
ombre blue background 


orange and yellow 
Orange Watercolor Background 



How to Add Text or Images to the Watercolor Background

There is no need to import the watercolor backgrounds into another program in order to add text or images. You can do this before you download them with our free online background maker.

Select the color that you want to use. There are many colors available such as red, purple, green or pastel colors.

To add text, click on the “A” icon.

To add an image or clipart, click on the image icon.

You can now download the background as a PNG file or a PDF file. On some browsers, the image download is not available. If you are unable to download as an image then you can download as a PDF document.

What can these Background Images be Used for?

You can make motivational posters, greeting cards, signs, gift cards, brochures or even watercolor wallpaper. The possibilities are endless.

Personal or Commercial

You can use these backgrounds for personal or commercial use. If you place them on any website then you are required to link back to this site.